40 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Weddings normally bring together guests of differing ages and interests, so one of the biggest struggles for any bride and groom is working out how to keep everyone entertained. To help you get on the right track, we have put together a large list of fun wedding entertainment ideas that are sure to keep your guests laughing and having a great time.

Hire a Photo Booth

A photo booth is suitable for guests of all ages, and the photo strips are a brilliant way to take care of your wedding favours. Hiring a photo booth will also help create one of the coolest guest books around. Request a quote!

Silent Disco

Some guests may want to sit and chat, whilst others want to party, but you want everything together – why not consider a silent disco, and allow guests to choose the volume of their music.


Every reception needs music, but why not let your guests have a turn at belting out some of their favourite songs. Karaoke is not only a lot of fun, but can also make some fantastic memories for your wedding day.

Singing Waiters

Imagine being served food, then you waiter suddenly bursts into song and dance. Not only are singing waiters great at bringing the food, they the perfect way to surprise your wedding guests with an unusual form of entertainment.

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Jumping Castle

When most people think of a jumping castle, they think of a children’s activity, but not anymore. Wedding jumping castles can make a classy addition to any wedding, and are suitable for guests of any age.

Hire a Magician

There are a wide range of magicians available, depending on what type of magic you like. From roaming magicians with card tricks, to larger productions upon a stage, a magician will certainly make your wedding magical.

Giant Games

There are a range of giant games that you can now hire to entertain your guests, including giant jenga and giant checkers. Let your guests test their skills and compete for the title.

Casino Hire

Having some casino games can be a great way for guests to have a little competition without the risk of losing real money. They are a great way of uniting different sections of family and friends.


Give your guests a special something they can take away from your wedding day, and look back on for many years to come. After the dozens of photos, having your portrait drawn will be some enjoyable fun.

Mobile Farm

Depending on your wedding theme and the available space at your venue, you could consider a mobile farm. Getting up close with some baby farm yard animals is sure to be a big hit with your younger wedding guests.

Chocolate Fountain

With a large selection of dippings to choose from, everyone will enjoy dipping their selections in the dark, milk and white chocolate fountains. Just be mindful – the chocolate can get messy!

Sweets Cart

Over the past few years, sweet carts have become extremely popular at weddings throughout the UK. With a wide selection of treats available, your guests can choose their favourites. This is also a great DIY project, if you have the time.

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas


If you want a royal, celebrity or your favourite sporting star to attend your wedding, but they didn’t RSVP to your invite, you can always hire the next best thing – a professional celebrity look-a-like.

Face Painting

Face painting is normally one entertainment idea that is best suited to younger guests, although adults can often have some fun as well. Face painting is a great way to make your wedding that little more special for the youngsters.

Seasonal Treats

If you are getting married in the middle of summer, why not hire an ice cream truck. If you are having a winter wedding, you could consider something to keep your guests snug, like hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Food Trucks

Food is a great way of keeping your guests entertained. There are a number of food truck options available to suit any theme, budget or palette, from fish and chips to gourmet wood-fired pizzas.

Consider a Theme

Themed weddings can create entertainment with theme related props, games and ideas. From festival themes to winter wonderland, you can create a fun experience from the ground up.

Circus Entertainers

From people walking around chatting to guests on stilts to juggling, and even fire throwing, there is a lot of fun that can be had by bringing the circus to your wedding.


Finish of your spectacular wedding day with a bang – literally! Fireworks come in a range of different styles and pricing brackets, allowing you to choose the most suitable fireworks for your theme and budget.

Hire a Band

DJ’s are a lot of fun, but a talented wedding band can ignite your guests and ensure everyone hits the dance floor. From original acts to cover bands, you can choose your favourite genre, and have your own mini concert.

Great Wedding Entertainment Ideas


Without a question, one of the most popular ways to entertain wedding guests is with a professional DJ. Whether you want to put forth a list of your favourite songs, or let your DJ use their experience, they are sure to keep the tunes pumping all night long.


A great way to take charge of the formalities, keep your guests on time and make any announcements is with a Toastmaster. Many can even kick off the festivities by opening a bottle of champagne with a sword.

Speed Tests

Using a similar system to those used by fighter jet pilots and formula one drivers, a speed test game will put your guests one another to see who has the fastest reaction times.

Fake Paparazzi

Make your guests feel like celebrities as they enter your reception venue. Fake paparazzi will capture some snaps, and ask all the juicy questions to get your guests to spill the latest gossip.

Expert Cocktail Makers

As well as making an incredible cocktail for you and your guests, the flipping, shaking and stirring is great to watch. This wedding entertainment idea will help take care of drinks, whilst also ensuring your guests have fun.

Ice Sculpture

Ice sculptures can make a fantastic centre piece. They will give your guests something different to marvel at, and they also look fantastic in your professional photography.

Professional Dancers

Professional dancers can both put on a great show to entertain your guests, and also get everyone onto the dance floor to learn a few moves and ensure you wedding reception gets off to a great start.

Arts and Craft

Arts and craft can be a great way to keep children entertained throughout your wedding reception. It is easy and cheap to put together a selection of craft ideas that is sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Photo Booth Wedding Reception Entertainment Ideas

Slow Motion Booth

Just like a video photo booth, but even better. These booths record you and your guests having fun, jumping about, being silly, and then plays it back in super slow motion speeds, creating a great finished video.


Whilst not everyones cup of tea, clowns can look how you wish, whether you want the full make up and costume, or just want someone talented at making balloons and getting a laugh from the kids.


Everyone likes to be recognised, and a great way of getting your guests involved in your reception is with contests. They can range from best dressed to bingo, and are sure to generate a few laughs.

Create a Movie

It is your wedding day, and everyone is there to show support for the love you and your partner share. Why not create a video to your time together, and give everyone an insight into your relationship.

Guest Choose Songs

A great way to ensure everyone gets up on the dance floor at least during the night is to let everyone put in a song request when sending back their RSVP.


When it comes to fun snacks being made right in front of you, there are plenty to choose from. Popcorn is always a popular choice, or you could opt for candy floss for the sweet tooth.

Creative Cakes

You wedding cake is likely to be one of the centre pieces of your reception, so why not get creative. Cakes can be created to reflect just about anything, so think of your favourite things and head down to your local wedding cake maker.

Giant Jigsaw

You can have a giant jigsaw puzzle made from a photo of yourself and your significant other, which should keep guests entertained for some time. You also get to keep the puzzle as a fun memento.

Expert Cocktail Makers

As well as making an incredible cocktail for you and your guests, the flipping, shaking and stirring is great to watch. This wedding entertainment idea will help take care of drinks, whilst also ensuring your guests have fun.

Talented People

Did you know that you can hire the stars from shows like Britian’s Got Talent? These performers and entertainers are sure to wow your guests, and there are plenty to choose from.

Balloon Modelling

Fun for kids of all ages, including the adult kids. Balloon artists can make a wide selection of different animals, hats and other creations, ensuring all interests are taken care of.

After Party

Some guests may want to continue partying into the early hours, even if the bride and groom head off to bed. You can scout out the local area, and inform the more hardcore guests of places they can try after the reception comes to an end.

Have any other fun wedding entertainment ideas?

We would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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